Yvonne spoke to Colin on the value of mentorship and German expertise. Listen to the full interview here

Words below were written by Colin Don Schouw : 2OceansVibeRadio:

Meet the businesswoman connecting South African Businesses with German Investors…

On today’s show we’re in conversation with Yvonne Iyer, owner at Yin Connect, and zoom in on how the businesswoman is connecting South African Businesses with German Investors and Expertise .

Yvonne is the South African representative for Senior Experten Services (SES), the leading German organization for voluntary mentoring assignments carried out by retired German experts. SES brings across experienced, professional, and technical German experts for skills and knowledge development globally.

In the past two years, she has successfully placed just over 25 German mentors in companies around South Africa, as well as in Mauritius . This breaks the record held in SES for South African assignments since 1983, for the highest number of assignments completed in the shortest space of time .

If you are a South African business looking to benefit from German skills, technology or investment, or if you are a German company seeking investment opportunities in South Africa, then Yin Connect is your ‘go to’ consultancy .

As for the rest of 2020, Yvonne is working on securing collaborative partnerships with industry associations. This partnership would enable their members to gain quick access to the SES program .

We discover how Yvonne enables purpose-driven co-operations through Yin Connect.

Through globalization, vast opportunities lie for leaders in and beyond our own borders and she is here to bridge that connection .

Her previous experience as the KwaZulu Natal regional manager for the Southern-African German Chamber of Commerce(SAGCC) led Yvonne to connect businesses and regional governmental partnerships between Germany and Southern Africa .

For more info about SES Africa, visit their website: www.ses.africa